Heat recovery modules

The total heat recovery modules are designed to produce hot water in large quantities and at high temperatures...

They are especially suited for small-to-medium powered refrigerating systems, for which traditional heat recovery systems (coil immersion tanks and other static exchanger systems) fail to provide satisfactory results
Smart electronic regulation provides constant control of the operating environment, for optimum heat recovery performance and a safe and secure cooling system.
Plug & Play
Boostherm modules are factory assembled : insulated exchanger, pump, sensors, regulation, hoses and valves… all ready to install.


Heat recovery kits

The partial heat recovery kits are designed to meet the needs of installations that do not require total heat recovery

These kits are ready to assemble on-site and easy to deploy, with detailed installation instructions and all the components you need (plumbing connections, hoses, seals…).
No more need for exchanger sizing or selecting the right pumps and regulating devices : Boostherm handles it for you !
Electronic regulation constantly measures the exchanger inlet and outlet temperatures. Pump flow is automatically adjusted to keep the water temperature at the level set on the regulation menu. Our standard range meets most needs. Customised kits can also be provided.


Super/Hypermarket package

Customised heat recovery packages designed for large retailers...

Cost effective
Drawing on our experience in the super/hypermarket sector (currently supplying some 500 stores), the super/hypermarket packages provide an efficient solution for the needs of this business sector.
All aspects of the packages are sized and selected to optimise the system, simplify its deployment and ensure efficient heat recovery and heat emission in retail areas.


Récup’CO2 solutions

Heat recovery solution for transcritical CO2 systems...

La solution Récup’CO2 est une solution sur mesure qui consiste en la fourniture de l’ensemble des composants nécessaire au déploiement de la récupération de chaleur dans le cadre de votre projet.
Récup’CO2 combiné au Packages GMS offrent une solution prête à l’installation : pompes, sondes, vannes, jusqu’aux moindre raccords de plomberie, tout est prévu.


Boostherm ACS Tank
Boostherm industrial tanks interface perfectly with the total heat recovery systems.
Their design ensures optimum efficiency and simpler deployment. The tanks come with a 7-year warranty and are delivered with a complete hydraulic connection kit.
Boostherm Primary Buffer Tanks
Primary buffer tanks store water preheated by Boostherm heat recovery modules and are an economical solution for a connection to a low-temperature heating circuit. They store energy, release stored heat and extend heating autonomy.
Boostherm Tank in Tank system
Tank in tank storage systems combine the heating of water in a primary circuit (heating) with the preheating of domestic hot water. Recovered heat is transferred directly to the water contained in the primary tank of the tank in tank system and then to the domestic hot water, via the “bain marie” principle.
Custom-built Boostherm Tanks
To meet the needs of specific projects, we can customise the sizing and costing of tanks. Just tell us what you need, and we work out the details :
– Tank volume
– Manufacturing material
– Different accessories required
– Suitable tank insulation thickness
– Insulation finish


Instant preheaters

Instant preheaters can preheat domestic hot water to 50°C from a primary storage unit…

Domestic hot water preheater without storage
For preheating water from a primary storage unit connected to the heat recovery system. Ideal for projects where it is impossible to store domestic hot water. Fitted with a special regulation device to optimise the operating environment of the heat recovery system. Preheated domestic water is sent to a DHW preheater or any other backup unit before distribution.


Air heaters

A full range of air heaters for heating your retail areas and industrial premises...

Extensive range
Our range of air heaters and accompanying packages offer a solution to every problem (destratification, heating for utility or office space…).